Slowly and surreptitiously, it started harmless. Smooth and sleek, it began to appeal to the desires of people who were its ardents in a manner that never suggested it would grow to the proportions prevalent in the world today. But like a tyrannical king, it stands wielding full and devilish control of minds, sensibilities and views of people today, regardless of age, position, religion, gender, race and creed. Sadly but truly, pornography has come to stay, but only to the people who will willfully surrender to its seemingly harmless whims: an astonishing lot indeed.

   Pornography has become nothing short of an industry today, netting billions of dollars and employing thousands of thespians in long-term and casual roles. Technology has also made pornography disseminate fast and in a more private manner also, a giant leap from a object of cinema viewing to a simple downloadable file in a smartphone.

Pornography, succinctly put, is the display of material of whatever nature aimed at stimulating, enticing, and eliciting sexual desires when viewed or read, or even heard. Today, as it is with everything evil, bounds have been crossed, its frontiers have expanded, its definitions are changing and becoming more encompassing, and more and more people are becoming addicted to its clingy claws. The first adult movie was produced in France in 1896. In the less than 2 minutes clip, a woman was seen giggling with a man and removing her outer garment, leaving like two more inner wears, and that was it. In those days, it was considered very naughty and unbecoming of a woman to do this before watching eyes. Today, raunchy and mind-boggling sex acts are performed before the camera, leading on billions and billions of viewers to a dangerous precipice which will only take a stronger force, which is nothing short of divine, to break.


As it is with everything sexual, its earliest origin begins with the Bible narration of the first sex that ever took place. It was ahead of Gods programme, for starters, and it was of a bestial nature i.e between a man and a beast, hence the emergence of the highly sensuous and extremely wicked Cain, who could not do better than to kill his brother and always resist God and His ways. Since then, sex the wrong way has been a tool that has been of immense use to sink kingdoms,  mess up ministries, wield power, ignite wars, end friendships, get favours, and today-control minds the way of brazen evil.

Pornography graduated from the simple expressions of love that were realistic components of many movies, as they claim, until sooner, there began to be more and more daring feats of nudity on flick, followed by clear sexual intercourse being portrayed as part of storylines in films. Before the world knew what was happening, there were movies complete with erotic storylines entirely dedicated to sexual escapades, feeding and shaping minds. Today, there are various variants of the material, depending on the appetite of the consumer. Statistics show that a whooping 64 million people visited a particular porn site in just one day, translating to 729 people per second. In 2016, the site got 23 billion visits.


Why is Pornography bad?

Pornography, from first principles, was intended to systematically make the world a hotbed of sexual charge, regardless of not just religious, but natural boundaries which ought to make sex sane, pleasurable, rewarding and enjoyable. The first feat pornography and its inspirations achieved was to lift sex out of the bounds of marital commitment, by glamourizing and deifying it to disproportionate levels. With that out of the way, and fornication and adultery being rife, the stage was now set for every form of debauchery ever conceived by dark twisted minds. Bestiality, homosexuality, paedophilia, rape and the rest all take their root cause from the evil seed of pornography.

Like earlier stated, one of the weapons pornography had in its kitty was glamour. It was presented as harmless fun. It was portrayed as something everyone was doing. Respected actors, musicians and high society figures had sextapes. An act which was supposed to be the exclusive preserve of the marital union had found its way into the larger society, and with deliberate sponsorship and control of the mass media to its favour, sex and sexual nuances has become an advertizing tool, a religious symbol, a stepping stone to fame, a rating of societal acceptance, and an easy gateway to stupendous wealth.


Pornography is bad on all fronts. First and foremost, the brand of pornography the world is spoonfeeding from currently is of the most deceptive kind. Illusions and a warped sense of reality is presented to an undiscerning public, and like a desperate fish, it is swallowed from the hooks to the sinkers without an iota of deter. The extent to which pornography has affected the human reasoning in today’s world is not only unprecedented, but far-reaching, as enumerated below:

1.       Pornography gives an inverted view of sex. Human beings because of our fallen nature are the only creatures that have sex for pleasure. Animals mate only during their season, for the sole purpose of reproduction. Pornography has capitalized on this to sell a damaging dummy to the human race. While sex is supposed to be pleasurable as well, it is taken to unimaginable and unrealistic levels on the platter of pornography.


Pornography gives a lying view of sexual experience. Because a viewer is used to seeing studs and actresses going on for hours without stopping, he or she is deceived to accept that as the standard for sexual performance, not knowing that most of the scenes are edited and shot at different time intervals, apart from the fact that most of the actors are always high on cocaine and stimulants, which MUST tell on their overall health and virility in time to come. The fact that most of the actors and actresses come down with terminal diseases is completely hidden from public knowledge.

3.       Pornography makes the viewers insecure about themselves and their bodies. Since most of the actors have intimidating male equipment and are heavily endowed for the females, it becomes the standard and a norm. The viewer’s mind is then fashionedand moulded not to accept less, and to body-shame anyone who isn’t as lucky. Little wonder the liposuction and enhancement doctors are making a fortune off people whom pornography and its tentacles has viced inadvertently in its inconsiderate and whimsical grip.

4.       Pornography is the root and remote cause of infidelity among spouses, and rape/fornication. An unrealistic view of sexual performance is presented to a wife who has had some touch with pornography, and in a bid to fulfill perverted fantasies, and unable to get it from the spouse, and vice versa, opts for the next available option, which will most likely be outside the confines of the marital vows, and beds. Even when such fantasies are consummated within the marital arrangement, the main aim of sexual union is defeated, since it is driven by greedy and selfish lust, instead of mutual love for each other’s bodies.

5.       Pornography puts undue pressure on partners. The inordinate sexual experience derivable from pornography affects the hormones and causes them to be imbalanced when needed. Premature ejaculation, as well as prolonged ejaculation are a few of the problems associated with having alien images in the subconscious when having permitted sex.

6.       Sex between couples isn’t supposed to be between two professionals, but between two contented people in love and willing to improve and develop together. Pornography makes the watcher wiser before the time, and places unrealistic expectations on the other partner. There is no such thing as bad sex. Yet, because people are so sold out to the lies of pornography, they become easy prey for body enhancers, performance enhancers and the like who have also created an allied industry for themselves. Some forms of premature ejaculation are quite normal and would be overcome with time. Every stud, even the ones on the screens, was once an amateur. Husband and wife don’t have sex, they make love. There is a difference.

7.       Pornography promotes disrespect for anatomies and body parts. The regrettable way every opening in the female body is being turned into a tool of lustful satisfaction makes a mess of the intentions of the Creator, and the use to which body parts are put during sexual romps as promoted by pornography are unnatural and degrading, and will always have deadly side effects. The use of the anal pore during sex causes incontinence and cancer, among others. Because of the deceit of pornography as well, human beings are only viewed in relation to their sexuality. A human being God created with abilities, potentials and emotions has now become only as good as what he or she can do in between the sheets.

8.       Pornography invents and promotes maverick approaches to sex that negate its pristine intentions. The various styles and tweaks and twerks that have become the lot of sex today make it unholy and hideous. Explosive sex in this manner very hardly results in conception between couples. This is because the inspiration behind it is nothing other than a devilish perversion of emotions, presented as pleasure, and since it is the focus, the hormones which should do the right thing are impeded from acting. The sound a car makes at 40km/hr is different from the sound at 150km/hr, but it is in motion, yet it is in danger of failed brakes, a crash, or the driver may not be able to control an eventuality on the road at that speed. This is exactly the case with this version of explosive sex. There is pleasure without results; there is work instead of recreation.

9.       Pornography is the harbinger and best promoter of the malady of masturbation, homosexuality, incest, lesbianism, bestiality(sex with animals) which the society is trying with all its power to make normal and acceptable. Everything  about pornography screams unnatural. Tastes have been altered, emotions have been badly tampered with, desires have been hybridized and monsterized. For example, it is now common to hear of people who get turned on by unconventional and unnatural things like faeces, fart, and stuff, which is in itself a form of demon possession. This is how far porn has damaged people’s sensibilities and outlook.

Pornography has nothing good to offer. Instead, it is Satan’s tool to control, remould, pervert, tarnish and eventually destroy mankind. There is too much of a trap in seeing two naked people feasting on each other to be ignored. The world is warned.

CREDITS TO: Ogbonna Nnaemeka Henry

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