Caught My Younger Brother And Sister Having sex,what Should I Do?

Caught My Younger Brother And Sister Having sex,what Should I Do?

I was shock yesterday when i caught my sister aged 14 having sex with my or our younger brother who will clock 9 by the end of this month.

it all started when i wanted to enter their room but the door was lock,i ask them to open it and it took some time and the 14 years girl opened it and was rushing to her bed immediately and the 9years boy was rushing outside the room but i notice his peem peem erect and i hold him back,pull his trouser to confirm what my eyes are seeing,i asked what they were doing and he started crying "nothing,we were just telling each other stories",i never wanted my parent to hear because the beating ehhh,so i told him to go and i promise myself to keep my eyes on them.

But it all done on me when i walked into my mum's room and actually caught their two having sex on my mum's bed,the boy was on top with his dick out erect though i can't confirm if there was penetration but both have been begging me not to tell our parent that i should punish them anyhow i want and they won't try it i am in a confuse state wondering where they learn that from and my 14years sister,is she not actually possessed having sex with his own younger brother.

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