How JSS2 Student Was Stripped & Flogged For "Sleeping With Men" (More Details)

'Uzoamaka is innocent of the crimes levelled against her' - Youth Leader

A youth leader in the community where a 15-year-old was tortured says the girl is innocent of the crimes levelled against her.

More facts are emerging on the dehumanization of a 15-year-old Junior Secondary School Two (JSS 2) student, Uzoamaka Chukwu, by a group of men where she was stripped Unclad and flogged for allegedly bringing in men to sleep with her in her father's house in Ebonyi State.

The incident which was recorded by the perpetrators of the act and posted on social media, has continued to draw lots of condemnation with human rights groups, women groups, and the generality of Nigerians rising up to get justice for the girl.

Just as the heartless men who carried out the indecent act on the poor girl have been arrested on the orders of the State Commissioner of Police, CP Peace Ibekwe Abdallah, a youth leader in the community who identified himself as Michael, has come out to debunk accusations levelled on the girl by her perpetrators that she is a loose girl who has been sleeping with several men.

Michael who took out time to address the issue, claims that the girl was tortured by her father for having sex with her boyfriend in his room are false.

Read his narrative here:

“On 28th July 2016, a rather disturbing video went viral. According to reports, the so called young lady who was stripped Unclad was caught by her father with another man having sexual intercourse in his house.

When I watched the video, I had doubts about it because it was just the girl who was been stripped unclad and flogged like a thief. I forgot it. But, my investigations are very pathetic.

On the said 28th July, 2016, one Uzoamaka from Ohaozara West Development centre of Ebonyi State, was caught and bundled into the house of the Coordinator of Ohaozara Development Centre, Mr Ogbonnaya Ene Odi by his younger brother, Enekwachi Ene Odi and other boys loyal to the coordinator.

According to my source, the coordinator had alleged that the young girl was in the habit of prostituting and sleeping with almost all men and even the married ones in the Community.

Therefore, he had to delegate his younger brother and a couple of other youths, to go bundle the girl to his house where he stripped her unclad and ordered his boys to film her and also to make sure it goes round so as to serve as deterrent to others who may intend or are already involved in such habits.

Uzoamaka, the young beautiful girl who was tortured and dehumanized in the video committed no offense. Just like other young girls of her age, boys were on her trail. As expected, she has a boyfriend, but some boys including those loyal to the Coordinator were not in her good books.

She saw them as touts and as a result turned down their advances. In fact, Mr Enekwachi Ene Odi, the younger to the Coordinator had made advances towards her of which she equally turned down.

So, on that fateful day, these boys and their coordinator conspired to disgrace the young girl. They took her to the coordinator’s house, forcefully stripped her Unclad and tortured her like none ever.

In the video, the Coordinator is the man wearing traditional dress dragging the girl and the younger brother did the flogging. My source further disclosed that the coordinator and his boys took this action because the girl refused to sleep with any of them.

They however told the world that the girl is a prostitute and sleeps with married men thereby breeding prostitution in the community.

Well, if you watch the video, for those who understand the Ohaozara dialect, she is being forced to accept sleeping with some persons in the community who are perceived political opponents."

"I also learnt that these persons were afterwards fined by the coordinator. Nigeria has turned to something quite unexplainable. I can’t believe how people who are in positions of authority will decide to use it against their own subjects.

Why flog the girl. Why film her and upload to the Internet? Why such inhuman treatment on this girl? Stripped of her rights, treated like a worthless LovePeddler. Oh how he has succeeded in destroying and stigmatizing this young lady.”

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